The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reciprocal Perception

Reciprocal Perception means that unconsciously "I won't see, understand or EVEN PERCEIVE what you are saying until I see you perceiving and understanding what I am saying." 
Example: The Palestinians and Israelis. They don't get and CAN'T get what each other are saying, not only because as a whole they haven't developed the ability to see things through 2nd and 3rd person perspectives, but also because they don't even perceive the each other's perspective in the first place. Completely unconsciously operating: "If you can't see me, I can't see you"

The Lens / Mirror of Consciousness

In consciousness, the lens is is not separate from what is perceived.

A dirty lens creates noise and distortion which in turn can be perceived with distortion.

One cannot see the "flies in one's eyes" correctly because of the "flies in ones eyes".

A clear lens can be likened to the surface of a pond. When the water is quiet and not muddy it reflect or (resonates with) the outside world with little distortion and from many perspectives simultaneously.

Likewise the surface of clear quiet water reflects without distortion.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Healthy and Unhealthy Versions of Developmental Stages

My view of healthy and unhealthy developmental stages for adults

I believe the "90%/10%" rule applies to the healthiness and unhealthiness of the stages most people in the US are in.

That means that very roughly only about 10% of the people are in a healthy version of the " value meme" they are predominantly in, and very roughly 90% are in an unhealthy version of the "value meme" their "center of gravity" is in.

Focus on developmental stages has the potential of eclipsing another reality which is what Welhelm Reich called the "Emotional Plague". This is the "fact" that Neurosis has been passed down from generation to gerenation on a massive scale. This cannot be considered a normal part of development.

Below is a list of the qualities of healthy and unhealthy developmental memes

Healthy (10%)

Developmentally progressing

Open system

Degree of openess to progression


Positive movement

Appropriate pain, frustration and discomfort

Ego dystonic and syntonic rhythm


Self testing




Unhealthy (90%) None of these qualities need to be a part of ANY level of of development

Developmentally arrested

Closed system

Defended against progression


Stuckness or regression

Avoidance of frustration & pain through artificial support

Overly ego syntonic

air tight defenses

self-fulfilling belief loops

Immature, childish relative to age

Naive, Jaded

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