The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Perhaps the Most Burning Issues of our Time: Fear and Denial of Pathology

We are so afraid of pathology. We deny sickness at every level. The denial of the extent of pathology (inside and outside) is often at the very core of pathology.

I believe this denial is perhaps the most burning issue of our time because it is the ground out of which all contradictory and fragmented human behaviors emerge, including humans causing global warming and unnecessary mass extinctions (perhaps our own).

Pathology is the condition where an organism or life system is being prevented from its own truly optimal functioning and creative experimentation. Pathology is "anti-life", "anti-health" processes that speeds deterioration and prevents further healthy development. Most "shadow" reflects pathology, Most accepted "normalcy" reflects pathology.

Many of us can acknowledge that we live in a sick society (not to deny that healthy aspects exist). Most, however, quickly forget that when we try to function in it we quickly go back into our "trance" and denial as we buy into what is given to us. We become trapped by the belief that "the emperor must have clothes", otherwise others around me would have seen it. It's hard to break out of what you cannot or will not see.

Our view of what is pathological is a function of our own pathology. I believe most people frequently mistaken health for pathology and pathology for health. The more pathology we have, the more we will call pathology healthy.

From my point of view, Wilhelm Reich's "Emotional Plague" is very real. We are all "infected" with anti-life processes masquerading as life processes. Pathology is passed from one generation to the next and shows up both the individual and in society. Any developmental theory that does not fully deal with the vast presence of pathology on all levels is incomplete and becomes a reflection of the pathology itself.

Pathology is so all around us it seems normal. Responses similar to: "nothing could be that sick" or " let's look at the positive" prevents us from seeing "yes, something really could be that sick and out of balance relative to what it could be".

Of course, on the other hand, seeing more pathology than is actually there is also a reflection of pathology. As in most issues concerning what is actually there, one can make either "type one" or "type two" error.

I say, only "healthy clarity" can detect the full extent of unhealthy pathology. In addition, only "healthy clarity" can detect truly "healthy clarity". Other wise, you may not be able to see the "flies in your eyes" because of the "flies in your eyes". Healthy clarity can only come from a mind that is quiet (not a mind that is made quiet). A mind that is quiet is quiet because it continually understands itself.

Pathology vs. Woundedness & Pain:

I believe there is a huge difference be between pathology and woundedness.... more to come.

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