The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Sunday, August 3, 2014

True Intelligence

 True intelligence is always shifting. It's pure agility. It transcends any problem so that it does not become trapped inside the problem. It functions through the medium of pure awareness. It is neither voluntary nor involuntary. It is outside any qualification and yet it can be the source of all qualifications. In it's more primitive form it can solve problems and know which problems to solve. It can see through the illusion of problems. It is the source of all intelligence. It is the true nature of ourselves and the universe.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I believe one of the true tests of two or more people being on a higher level or stage of development is the ability to be on the same page with each other. To be able to see what the words are pointing to and not just be intellectually grasping the words. They are able to see that, although the words and ideas and concepts may appear different, they are really pointing to the same reality. It is not merely agreement but rather it is a higher form of agreement. There is also no need to drop down to a more primitive version of reality in order to understand the other person. I believe this sharing of the same page is a wonderful way to communicate and be with another person and goes far beyond what is normally thought of as communication. I seek people who can be on the same page with me and me be on the same page with them. Then when we both look at a tree we are actually seeing the tree and the fruit on the tree and not agreeing or disagreeing about our idea of the tree. People who are on a higher developmental level than our own, will be able to see more of the tree and more of the fruits of the tree. We must realize that even the words tree and fruit are but pointers that may become obsolete as we develop to higher levels and higher givens.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Anger is the primary fundamental boundary emotion. It tends and keeps our boundaries in good shape when we truly allow our anger and its wisdom. Anger is how we pop out dents in our boundaries and strengthen weak spots. Once the anger is expressed the boundaries go back to their natural flexible semipermeable state. We did not evolve anger over millions of years for it to be primarily a nuisance or purely a cover for other emotions.  Only people who are out of touch with their anger misunderstand it and use it inappropriately. 

Anger is the most misunderstood emotion. Anger is a vital primary emotion that we cannot live without. Of course there is hurt always underneath anger which must also be addressed.
Both the anger and the hurt must be expressed. So many people try to bypass the anger and try to go directly to other emotions. This process is highly toxic and leads to all sorts of anti-life beliefs.

Anger and love flow through the same pipeline, if the pipeline is clogged with anger then the love cannot flow either. Once the anger is expressed, the love can flow.

To get to the past anger that fuels the present anger you must first legitimize and express the current anger. One must realize that from 1% to 99% of current anger is fueled by past anger and hurts.

Most people don't realize that, in its healthy form, anger is a contactful, caring and loving emotion.
The fear of anger is a much larger problem in our society than anger. Anger sometimes requires a safe container, which in this anger phobic society is hard to find.

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