The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Identity Confluence

A basic source of emotional pain is what I call "identity Confluence" or "Identity blending". We start out in life with undifferentiated identities. Gradually on we learn to differentiate between ourselves, our mother and our father. Most of the time, at one or more level we remain undifferentiated.

When we form bonding relationships later on in life, we again create an "identity confluence" on an unconscious level and the other becomes "I". Consciously we can make the differentiation but consciously we have a hard time. When the "other" evoke childhood anger or another emotion, that emotion gets directed back on the self at a deeper level because the "other" is not differentiated from the self. These "knots" can be fully untied through deep primal work.

The trick is......

The trick is:

1)to try to see the TRUTH of what the other person is saying even MORE (and in greater depth)than they can see it themselves

2)so that this truth becomes a positive ADDITION to (not a denial or non-acknowledgment of) the truths you already "know"!

3) Then do the real work of chewing on and integrating (get out of your comfort zone!)

4) only then spitting out what appears false by now (Seeing the truth of what appears false)

5) Creating a new improved, higher vantage point from which to see truth (truthfulness)

6)Realizing the "eternal truth" that cognitive vantage points MUST always change as a natural function of the healthy human organism's metabolism and that

7) "stuckness" is another word for anti-life.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Main Styles of Coping

Two main styles of coping are: 1) to move ones "squelch-line" above ones level of pain and become delusional about oneself (and hence delusional about the world) 2) to reduce ones pain below ones squelch-line and no further and be in denial about oneself and hence the world.

The Four "Purposes" of Life

The four "purposes" of a human life are: 1) to "organismically" find ways of dealing with ones pain in order to fully heal ones wounds 2) to find & develop ones "gifts" 3) to give back from ones own gifts 4) to transcend both purpose and meaning by moving into the "trans-purposeful" and "trans-meaningful" in order to fully participate in the "dance" which is meaningful & meaningless and neither.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


There is the concept of "seeing of truth". When you see truth you don't need to think about it. You can't separate yourself from it. It is you. I goes through you.It is in front of your face. It is like light. no need to believe in it. no need to have an experience of it. There is only the flow. It is a transcendent state. Truth is always different and always different than thought.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Identity Confluence

A basic source of emotional pain is what I call "Identity Confluence" or "Identity blending". We start out in life with undifferentiated identities. Gradually on we learn to differentiate between ourselves, our mother and our father. Most of the time, at one or more level we remain undifferentiated.

When we form bonding relationships later on in life, we again create an "identity confluence" on an unconscious level and the "other" becomes "I". Consciously we can make the differentiation but consciously we have a hard time. When the "other" evokes childhood anger or another emotion, that emotion gets directed back on the self at a deeper level because the "other" is not differentiated from the self. These "knots" can be fully untied through deep primal work.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Actual Organism

The actual organism goes beyond the body to include the surroundings and the corresponding energy fields, both local and non-local. This "entity" extend even further to include other organism-environmental fields which eventually includes the "all-everything" as the one evolving manifested organism. No organism is separate from this. It ultimately is this. Therefore let the organism self-regulate you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Toxic Jugdmentalness and Toxic Non-judgementalness

I believe there is healthy judgementalness and non-judgementalness as well as unhealthy judgementalness and non-jugementalness. How one is judgemental or non-judgmental is a major factor. Moreover, there certain things we should probably be judgmental of and certain things we should not be judgemental of. I believe huge social problems (perhaps most) have been created by inappropriate jugementalnes and non-jugementalness. more to com.....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

! what_is_second_tier


What is Second Tier?

Dr. Wayne Carr's View


Second tier is an exceptionally large jump upward on the scale of human developmental stages. Only a small percentage of the population has made this jump. It is the jump from a post-modern, pluralistic, "green" stage (which includes most "cultural creatives") to a stage some have called Integral.

"Integral" second tier consciousness can look back at all previous stages (first tier) with much greater perspective and compassion. Such consciousness can also look and create forward into the "new" frontiers of being (towards third tier) with less "stuckness" typical of first tier.

Second tier signifies higher developmental stages of consciousness and is not to be confused with a particular state of consciousness. Second tier is capable of higher states, such a "non-dual", more frequently for longer periods. Higher states become more embodied as measurable traits and action-logics in second tier. Second tier is a dance of many states.

By saying someone is second tier, I mean that their "center of gravity" is in second tier, not just that their cognitive line of development is in second tier. It means that when all the lines of development are considered, (e.g. cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual, physical etc.) the majority of the lines are in second tier. There may still yet be parts of ourselves way down (or further up) on the developmental ladder. I say the cognitive and emotional lines (EQ), however, must be in second tier (necessary but not sufficient).


Some terms in this discourse will not clearly defined (yet) because my main intent is to ring a general cognitive-emotional-spiritual "bell" and see how it resonates inside of you. I believe second tier people have acquired a different, more sophisticated set of "resonators" and can recognize "2nd tier space" despite differences in specific terms that are used to describe it and despite some possible disagreements.

I believe second tier people can share the same "reality space" much more easily and deeply because that have less "overlay" and less "read-in". Second tier people have (and are) a multidimensional and more sophisticated set of "rulers" and "resonators" by which they allow, measure, co-resonate-with, co-create and co-evolve "what is". These "rulers" span "inside-outside", "one-many" and beyond beyond.

One of the meanings of the Hindu word Namaste is "The Deity in me recognizes the Deity in you". Similarly, the second tier in me recognizes the second tier in you. I would also add another saying: "may the darkness and blind spots in me become more illuminated by the clarity in you, just as the darkness and blind spots in you can become more illuminated by the clarity in me."

Lastly,there are two problematic issues that can get in the way when talking to people about second tier: 1) People, who's center of gravity is in the stage prior to the second tier "leap" (The "Green Meme" close in meaning to "cultural creatives"), often think they already are second tier. 2) People centered in the Green Meme, on the other hand, may judge a hierarchical developmental stage "rating" system only as a way of allowing a few self-selected people the egotistical judging that "I'm better than you."

Description of Second Tier: Into the meat of it

From my point of view, second tier means a shift in one's central focus from "shouldism" and "aboutism" to "is-ism". One's first and more primary concern becomes what is actually present rather than what should be present. 2nd tier is primarily a space one comes from, not so much an external philosophy one talks about, or a set of shoulds or guidelines. It is the glow emitted from the burning charcoal itself rather than a flashlight shined on it.

One comes from 2nd tier like water spontaneously and bursts from a deep deep underground spring. There is outrageousness, gracefulness and "creative awkwardness" as one both discovers, learns to flows with, and find words for, the new material that spontaneously emerges and often surprises us. It is an out-of-the box-blossoming not contained by today's typical "cultural creative" thinking and being. It is out of, out of the box.

There is often a curiosity and interest in what is arising (often simultaneously occurring with a "creative indifference" and relaxed "detachment"). There is often ample space for phenomena to arise and this space is often "rested in". There is the "ground" and "fertile void" or source to which one returns and from which new subjects and objects emerge.

This can create an experience of dying or evaporating from moment to moment. It is this beautiful movement that creates an underling sense of well-being, groundedness and healing. It is the calm that permeates the storm. This natural self-regulating process is a primary function of the organism as vital as the breath itself.

There is a sense of trust in one's own vital processes. there is also a sense that one's own processes extend beyond the body so that all process, in a sense, are the self. Perhaps a sense of "how could it be any other way!" Every moment, every action is an experiment (and not some one elses experiment).

One is more grounded in one's own "primary processes" (direct, connected, core, full ranged, and non-fragmented) and less and less in "secondary processes" (substitute, symbolic, fragmented, compartmentalized, purely external, or deflected).

Secondary or substitute processes don't eclipse vital primary core processes nearly as much. One receives insights more and more directly from "primary sources" (the fertile void) and less from 'secondary sources" (external authority and models). One, more and more, receives moment to moment direct revelations that arise. One "downloads" information directly. One lives one's life according to what one notices.

There is a willingness to give space for all that one notices, so that one can include and transcend and include vs repress or deny and transcend.

"Read-ins", "overlays" and projections are traded for more direct perceptions and true implications. There is definitely the increased "grasping" or comprehension of the full implications of an action or idea less distorted by what is read-in.

One gives up the speaking and listening in "read-in-ease" which is the prominent mode of communication in our society. Many "first tier" people are so busy reading in to what they perceive that true implications are all but lost. "Read-in mentalities", developmental stuckness & fixations and anti-life meme infections are passed on from generation to generation as in Reich's "emotional plague". Moving up the developmental spiral is more like swimming up a river overgrown and clogged with roots and vines. Developmental stages become developmental stuckness. Stuckness comes to be seen as healthy.

I believe in second tier one can connect the dots on a meta level (or even a meta-meta level) or from higher perspectives. Stuckness can be seen for what it is. One begins to get "perspectives on perspectives on perspectives" and can see that all perspectives are not equal and that no perspective is final. there are always higher vantage points and every perspective has its limitations.

The higher perspectives can transcend and include intellectual, rational, emotional, intuitive, and sensory perspectives and are based on and grounded in primary perceptions and processes. There is a movement from out of secondary processes toward primary processes, to "meta processes"

All of one's processes take place within a larger space, nothingness or no-mind. There is no strong identification with any position. Thinking rarely starts from a conclusion, rather from a state of "not knowing" or "no-mind". Thoughts are beautifully "formed" rather than just thought. The interest is in: What is going on, what is real, what is the truth and am I being truthful at this moment, what is the corrective feedback for my navigation? The will to believe is traded for the will to find out.

One dwells in and comes from the "pre-thought gap" which is much wider in 2nd tier. This seeing from this gap prevents a thought from becoming master by running its program without awareness. In this gap, objects flow directly out of pure potentiality and pure possibility

On an even "deeper level" There is also the "pre-personal gap": the space in which somthing arises before it becomes your identity.

There is more of a moment to moment spontaneous "coming from" vs. talking about or "shoulding about". Primary being and feeling processes are less likely to be "deflected" into unnecessary or compulsive thinking activities. Needs are what they are, feelings are what they are and pain is what it is. Anti-life, toxic, indirect and secondary "pseudo-processes" processes within systems are more often recognized and dealt with on multi-levels. There is a grounding in all things as they phenomenologically are in that moment.

One is constantly discovering and objectifying obsolete maps and representations of one's self and the world that are hidden in one's wallpaper of the world. One can outrageously let go of, and act without, any model or map when appropriate. Maps (including AQAL) are not grasped tightly an are allowed to constantly morph, develop and become conscious.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Consciousness Rhythms

Lately I've noticed how my consciousness naturally and rhythmically flows from enlightened transcendent blissful clarity, to arising painful shadow material that needs my attention to work through.

This feels like a natural balanced rhythm that allows for the deep enjoyment of life as well as the healing of past wounds. Increase opening on one end of the rhythm increases the opening process at the other end. They seem like oganismic complementary pocesses. I allows me to occupy and clean both the attic and the basement and all the rooms in between.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Perhaps the Most Burning Issues of our Time: Fear and Denial of Pathology

We are so afraid of pathology. We deny sickness at every level. The denial of the extent of pathology (inside and outside) is often at the very core of pathology.

I believe this denial is perhaps the most burning issue of our time because it is the ground out of which all contradictory and fragmented human behaviors emerge, including humans causing global warming and unnecessary mass extinctions (perhaps our own).

Pathology is the condition where an organism or life system is being prevented from its own truly optimal functioning and creative experimentation. Pathology is "anti-life", "anti-health" processes that speeds deterioration and prevents further healthy development. Most "shadow" reflects pathology, Most accepted "normalcy" reflects pathology.

Many of us can acknowledge that we live in a sick society (not to deny that healthy aspects exist). Most, however, quickly forget that when we try to function in it we quickly go back into our "trance" and denial as we buy into what is given to us. We become trapped by the belief that "the emperor must have clothes", otherwise others around me would have seen it. It's hard to break out of what you cannot or will not see.

Our view of what is pathological is a function of our own pathology. I believe most people frequently mistaken health for pathology and pathology for health. The more pathology we have, the more we will call pathology healthy.

From my point of view, Wilhelm Reich's "Emotional Plague" is very real. We are all "infected" with anti-life processes masquerading as life processes. Pathology is passed from one generation to the next and shows up both the individual and in society. Any developmental theory that does not fully deal with the vast presence of pathology on all levels is incomplete and becomes a reflection of the pathology itself.

Pathology is so all around us it seems normal. Responses similar to: "nothing could be that sick" or " let's look at the positive" prevents us from seeing "yes, something really could be that sick and out of balance relative to what it could be".

Of course, on the other hand, seeing more pathology than is actually there is also a reflection of pathology. As in most issues concerning what is actually there, one can make either "type one" or "type two" error.

I say, only "healthy clarity" can detect the full extent of unhealthy pathology. In addition, only "healthy clarity" can detect truly "healthy clarity". Other wise, you may not be able to see the "flies in your eyes" because of the "flies in your eyes". Healthy clarity can only come from a mind that is quiet (not a mind that is made quiet). A mind that is quiet is quiet because it continually understands itself.

Pathology vs. Woundedness & Pain:

I believe there is a huge difference be between pathology and woundedness.... more to come.

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