The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thoughts on Non-duality

The here and now is the ultimate ground. Out of that ground comes creativity. Out of that ground comes phenomena. There is nothing that arises that is not a phenomenon. Can you see what arises from the state of not knowing? Most people can't. If you can truly see what arises from that place then nothing that arises has any known properties. There is only “resonance”. For there to be any properties that we're aware of, there has to be an observer and an interpretation. Form and content are actually just another version of unqualifiable emptiness. When we jump into content and lose sight of the actual phenomenon arising we become hypnotized by the content and treat it as if it was a real thing. We perform mental operations that can cause us to lose sight of the here and now. Most of us spend our time in this illusory world of interpretation, being trapped by content and losing sight of the true essence of everything that arises. We forget that even the “experience” of length, width, color, depth, movement are only interpretations of what arises. We forget that interior, exterior, one and many are only interpretations of what arises. They are not the actual phenomena, unless they are seen from the place of not knowing. Is it possible to jump into content without completely losing sight of its unqualifiable phenomenology? If we are unable to do this we become "content" junkies and exclusively live in the world of continual mental operations. We can talk about "integral" for centuries and end up where we started. If we can hold both into one we are non-dual.

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