The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Unconscious

The unconscious is very real and is a huge part of us. By unconscious I mean the stored up unfinished business from earlier in our lives. It includes the parts of ourselves that are anesthetized because we are too afraid to be that part in the world. It is like shadow but can be looked at as a self-regulating entity that gives to consciousness only what consciousness is ready to handle. If we treat our unconscious with love and respect it will treat us relatively gently. If we try to destroy it or try to get rid of it, it will treat us in the same way. 

The question is how do we make the unconscious conscious by finishing our unfinished emotional business and by getting back the parts of ourselves we're not aware of. This is a skill that can take years of practice. I will be giving some helpful hints in making this journey; it is perhaps the most important, most difficult journey anyone can take.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Outside of Outside

No matter what you feel, do, or think, there is something outside of it. It cannot be called a space because it is outside of space. It is outside of outside. You can only discover it by resting in it and not making it an object. It has no qualities the mind can give it, yet it leaves a wake we can rest in. This surrendering heals us and restores us. We are the spotless lens that can never be seen, but it's own spotlessness brings true bliss.


It is important to be our intelligence. Intelligence is both outside ourselves and inside ourselves. It is yet our intelligence. We access it by recognizing it. Can you recognize the intelligence that you are? Not as an idea but something so real it can be cut with a knife? Intelligence is very healthy, very energy intensive. My intelligence becomes me, focuses me, determines what’s important and goes beyond anything I can ever think. It penetrates right through my reality box. It takes me to new realms. It is always fresh and alive, never bogged down in old preconceptions and knowledge. It is much faster than any thought. It is not separate from the intelligence of the galaxies. It instantly shifts to what is appropriate. It allows me to dissolve into nothing when I'm not needed. It pulls my attention away from what's not needed to what's needed within a field of equanimity.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The only thing that really exists is truth. One can rest in the truth about truth. Truth has the remarkable ability to transcend itself; it penetrates every fiber of existence. Truth does not need thought. Even when there is nothing, there is truth.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Two Truths: Core and Non-Dual

It is important to feel the pressure from the reservoir of one's emotional pain and to not block this. This is the organism reminding you to attend to your old wounds and unfinished business. Many can't feel this pressure and hence it is easy to deny it. Many live their lives covering it up. No one is without this primal pressure to my knowledge. There are always pockets of unfinished pain even for those who have done many years of deep emotional work. This aspect of “shadow” can never be bypassed.

The beautiful thing is that if you learn to hang out with this pressure, or “nestle up” against it for a long period of time, it will begin to tell its story and allow you to feel through it and discharge the tears, anger, fear, disgust and/or pain it contains, layer by layer. So few people have found out how to do this directly and efficiently, yet I believe it is the most important tool for emotional healing there is. People will try any technique before being willing to just directly hang out with, and learn to process their pain for an hour. The unconscious just lies waiting for us to do this, often for decades. It is easier to climb Mount Everest, than to make this processing a life practice. This natural ability could be called the “Core Truth Process” because it comes from one's core of emotion and being.

This core truth process is absolutely compatible and completely balances with the mindful practice of remaining in and coming from the ever-present non-dual. The dwelling in the non-dual could be called the “Non-dual Truth Process”. Consciously putting together the two truth processes of “Core Truth” of the individual organism and “Non-dual Truth” of the “extended universal organism” is optimal for total organismic health; it reinstates self-regulation. Both are absolutely fundamental and necessary when being moved by one's fundamental evolutionary impulses and are expressions of our true and authentic nature.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Emotional Literacy Rough Draft

Emotional literacy in my view, is a great rarity. My guess is that less than one percent of people are emotionally literate. To become emotionally literate you must become a student of your own emotions. You must be willing to look directly at your emotions and their messages without any theory or biases. Later, you can look at emotions according to a large variety of theories.
First of all, emotions are rarely rational and rarely justified completely; and it's okay to let them stay that way. Emotions just are, feelings just are. Feelings are in large part social and desire to be expressed.
Feelings and emotions are conscious entities, they are forms of consciousness. They can operate with some independence.
The healthiest way to express emotions is to share them to an open listener who can be a safe  container, where emotions are truly shared and the other person takes it as a share and not as a "make wrong", a dump on, or an attack. Also, the other person does not have to change when an emotion is just shared. 
Emotions require a great deal of loving attention, especially ones that have been left behind in the past or have been unattended to. When they are attended to, they open up and flow. They are an important part of our life energy. A healthy person fully feels the full range of emotions, including the negative emotions (even hatred).
Emotions require exquisite sensitivity to boundaries. This includes awareness of one's own boundaries and the others boundaries One must use their eyes and ears to detect and sense boundaries. Emotions and sensory organs must be closely connected and integrated. One must use their senses in order to assess safety and risk. One must see who one is talking to. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Put Things in Front of You

It is important to put important things in your experience in front of you. This means your pains, concerns, issues, blockages, and the unknown. Whatever is vying for your attention needs to be put in front of you in a timely manner. To put something in front of you means to give it the attention it needs. It helps to imagine that it is in the center of your vision, in front of your face. What you truly face will be processed or acted on. When you give something of true interest your full attention the noise in the mind ceases and what needs to happen will happen. Most of us live in a phobic fearful state always avoiding what we need to put and hold in front of our face. We don’t realize the incredible, empowering feeling of living a life of holding what is truly most important in front of our face. In “integral” terms it means making subjects into objects. That which is not in front of the eyes will operate from behind the eyes.

Meditative and Primal States

Meditative and Primal states: I consider these two states to be the most therapeutic of all states.  The true meditative state allows one to rest in non-dual reality to restore one's self and gain clarity.  the primal state allows one to “peel the onion”, “untie the knots” to follow the “chain of pain” to one's past pain to allow for healing. Most people do not know what the non-dual and the primal states are except in fleeting glimpses yet I think they are among the most powerful of all states.

To Be Enlightened

To be enlightened is to be extended beyond the normal mind. It is not an experience. It is that which allows for experience. It is a leap into the unknown that leaves literally everything we know and experience. It includes all the aspects of normal mind and more.

Enlightenment is a state of the universe. Everything is in a field of enlightenment. Human enlightenment means falling into the larger universal fabric-field of the universe.  This fabric or field  is beyond the mind. This field incorporates information in ways that the brain cannot keep up with. We can only rest, flow, and blossom in this field. At its deepest level the universe sings like a trillion unseen angels.  It is purely unqualifiable. This field is at the core of everything that exists. Every concept of it is false. To see that every concept of it is false is to be on the path of enlightenment.

The Enlightened Mind

The enlightened mind flows. It is never pinned down as a river can never be pinned down. It knows where, how, and when to flow, as does water. It is moved by the deepest forces of nature. It creates its own banks (a useful tool). It is source and is moved by source. only thinking pins things down. thinking is not source. Only source is source and it cannot be named, pinned down or experienced. it is the source of all experience. It is the non-place place in the no-state state. It is no mind. Awaken to what is already. It allows us to see things clearly not in terms of fragments. We can see what needs to be seen, hear what needs to be heard. It does not lose sight of the whole because it is the whole. Seeing and being are not separated. Doing and being are not separated.

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