The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Calling Delusions Delusions

I believe we need radical social honesty. There are a preponderance of currently existing social delusions. They are delusions.

Every stage of development can develop it own unique delusions.

It is wussy however, to say everyone is "partially right". People with clinical delusions are also partially right, but it does not address what needs to be addressed. The word delusion is a much needed word and a much sharper knife to cut with.

We want to be kind to the reality of others, but this does not mean coddling delusions and not honestly looking at the mechanisms which create them. This social "pathology" goes way beyond what is to be expected from people at a certain "developmental stages".

The definition of "crazy making" is "to treat that which is not sane, as sane." Crazy making invalidates and dis-empowers everyone.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gestalt Prayer Adapted for Perspectives (rough draft)

You have your point of view
I have my point of view.

Where one point of view overlaps
we can agree to agree;
where they don't
we can agree to disagree.

Let us appreciate our differences
and morn the loss of what we may not be able to share,
and celebrate the communion of what we do share.

Your point of view may
or may not overlap
with my point of view.

I am not in this world to see
the world from your point of view.
You are not in this world
to see the world through
my point of view.

If by chance and effort I can see your point of view,
I don't need to agree with it and vice versa.

Let us move to the higher ground of perspectives on perspectives,
and if we can move to higher ground together
let us not hold on too tight
to either our perspectives
or our perspectives on perspectives.


Conversions start from the bottom up. If we can't deal with something that arises on one level, we convert it to the next higher level. The more conversions we do, the further we are from reality and the further we are from who we really are.

Nearly everyone does the following conversions, one level overflowing and being converted into the next:

1) Raw arising of object - sensation, feeling - response, memory - need from the core and from the "fertile void".

2) Next, conversion into imaginings, anticipations, expectations, projections, constant mental rehearsals etc. Past is converted into present circumstances.

3) Next, conversion into obsessive thinking & problem solving.

4) Next, conversion into rigid conclusions, beliefs & dogma that are partly unconscious and highly defended.

5) Next, conversion into delusions (which are incredibly robust).

Dying to One's Self

To lay down one's life for one's self
Allow your self to die into your organism

No longer necessary
a sacrifice of the greatest love

No one is here
no one is here!

Reality itself sees

Be seen by the trees
Be seen by the mountains
Yet there is nothing to see
There is no one to look at

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