The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What you can't (won't) feel, you confabulate.
What you can't (won’t) perceive, you merely imagine (overlay).
What you can't (won't) be, you project.
When you can't (won't) sense, you merely categorize.
What you can't (won't) think, you “fundamentalize” or simplify.
When you can't (won't) see, you believe.
When you can't (won't) spontaneously act, you moralize.

When you can't (won't) “die and renew” psychologically, you rigidify.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Seeing things as they are

To see things as they are is to have no seer to interfere with what is seen. It means to have an unblemished lens. This seeing can emerge and strengthen during deep meditation and later in deep mindfulness. It emerges from a state of not knowing, a state of emptiness, an intelligent  spaciousness, the space whereby you can perceive, the space whereby you can think. Seeing things as they are means being conscious of whatever arises in awareness. It also means seeing that there actually are no “things” in reality to see. There is only that which is in the space of isness or suchness. There is no duality between seer and seen but only seeing. Any witness or seer can blemish the lens of pure self aware isness.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Ten Necessary Realizations

1 All emotional pain can be processed and healed (what you can feel you can heal)

2 State Enlightenment is possible (Full Awakening)

3 Developmental Enlightenment is possible (Transcendent Maturity) Including and transcending previous stages4 It is possible to stand in one's truth in a sick society (vomit up “anti-life” beliefs, become healthy)
6 Old mental structures and beliefs must go (deconstruction and extension of our ceiling)
5 The “unqualifiable” within us can handle all problems (profound mindfulness)
8 We must fully harness the impulse to evolve and grow. (getting on the conveyor belt)
7 It is possible to profoundly connect, commune and bond with others (core to core connection to individuals and tribe)
9 We must access non-local consciousness (an essential part of who we are)
10 Self-love and self-compassion are essential starting points (love yourself hating yourself)

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Discernment vs judgmentalness

It is a popular believe that one should not be judgmental of others. It is true that being over judgemental comes from shadow or wounded unintegrated parts of ourself. I believe there is also healthy normal judgmentalness. It’s just an aspect of monkey mind to be treated with compassion. The most unhealthy judgmentalness is to be judgemental of our judgementalness. 

More important is to distinguish between judgmentalness and discernment. To discern is to be naked to data, to allow the data to pe processed as it is, as it arises. It means to honestly allow our discernment processes to do their thing. It means holding the space and intention for our own intelligence to arise. In this space a high level of discernment can occur. We must allow our lens on the world to be as free from distortions and blemishes as possible. We must realize we can only see and interpret the data according to the level of development we our on, and only according to how much we have practiced authentic discernment. Discernment is a genuine organismic function and should be practiced along with meditation.

Getting in touch with painful unmet childhood needs

Most people, in my judgment, never become aware of their deepest unmet childhood needs. Repressing the feeling of these needs and the pain associated with it significantly interferes with the experience of the present moment and thickens one's walls against the world. Most people are not even aware that major parts of themselves got left behind in unbearable numbed-out pain. This is a major symptom of modern civilization. To feel through these needs and retrieve the parts of ourselves that got left behind is completely necessary to be fully human and fully enlightened. Unfortunately few wisdom traditions include truly deep “soul retrieval” processes and are thus incomplete in my judgment. 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Premature dedication or fixation of our cognitive and emotional potential

In my judgment, people are born with something like “cognitive stem cells” or  units of cognitive and emotional potential. As we grow up, these cognitive potentials become specialized and committed. The problem is that all too often these potential cognitive resources become crystallized, dedicated and committed prematurely. This is done when there is trauma or stress growing up requiring the organism to mobilize resources before the highest cognitive or emotional potential can be reached. I discern a huge amount premature dedication of potential in most people. Most people never get a chance to live up to their full potential because their potential resources are used up by the time they are in their twenties. They cease to appear open and receptive and become preoccupied with, and trappen in very limited unintegrated views of the world. Their world appears to the as “given” and obvious. Some of this potential can be reclaimed through meditation and shadow work. It is rare to find someone whose has many “cognitive stem cells” left to explore a world of ever emerging new potential. This is also related to the over domination of the left hemisphere over the right. The left hemisphere likes to narrow things down and routinized things to what it already knows. The right hemisphere is more open to what’s possible and what is yet unknown.

Thursday, August 22, 2019


We all live in a reality box with limitations. There are certain things that we have not developed  the capacity to perceive and understand. some of us have relatively small reality boxes with more simple “Lego” versions of the world.  others have split up their reality box into fragmented compartments that the compartments have no or limited contact with each other. in this case, little integration can occur. These people identify with one compartment and avoid the other compartments  that may contradict their unconscious beliefs. When this compartmentalization occurs within people in power, great damage is done to society and to the globe. This could even spell the end of humanity. These people fail to see the effect how an action in one part of life can affect another part of life. 


 To be in full contact with oneself and others is all important. Yet in my judgement that rarely happens in our society. Contactfulness is our nature when we are healthy. Contactfulness means we approach others completely present with our eyes, body and soul ready to see and be seen. To make eye contact in the most subtle way so that one becomes aware of each other's micromovements and feel each movement with one's body and feel one’s subtle responses with one's body. To engage in a dance with others that transcends the mind and allows for souls to touch. Contactfulness allows for seeing each other the way we are, instead of seeing our projections. It allows both parties to see that they are being seen. Being truly in deep contact allows for the soul to be nourished.  

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