The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some Thoughts

let your thoughts be like paintings on a beautiful canvas.

the canvas is the only thing that is truly real
let your thoughts soak into and permeate the canvas
there is no real duality here

the dark and the light
both must be addressed
enlightenment and shadow
the attic and the basement

so many just want to be in the light and ignore the dark
a unipolar (vs non-dual) view of the world.
people mistaken unipolar for non-dual
all of us have splits between our attic and our basement it's just a matter of degree

to look and see for oneself, not from any past perspective.
not from anothers perspective.
To just look now.
catch the flies in your eyes before you go blind to them

scomotisation (the creation of blind spots) has become the rule not the exception.
most people feel they can go around hell instead of through it. 
to go around hell you must anesthetize.
once you do that you go blind in that part of your existence.
the gentle anesthetizing of spiritual bypassing has also become the rule.

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Neelesh said...

Learnt a new word - scomotization!

How to help the world where most 'do not know what they do not know' and do not even acknowledge that possibility?

Doing that is a design challenge.

The prevailing meme is that 'people will awaken when they awaken, no one else can do anything about it, including the awakened'.

I wonder if 'consciousness transformation' can actually be designed, seeded, and viralized?

Tough challenge, but the world as it is today, do without it?

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