The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Premature dedication or fixation of our cognitive and emotional potential

In my judgment, people are born with something like “cognitive stem cells” or  units of cognitive and emotional potential. As we grow up, these cognitive potentials become specialized and committed. The problem is that all too often these potential cognitive resources become crystallized, dedicated and committed prematurely. This is done when there is trauma or stress growing up requiring the organism to mobilize resources before the highest cognitive or emotional potential can be reached. I discern a huge amount premature dedication of potential in most people. Most people never get a chance to live up to their full potential because their potential resources are used up by the time they are in their twenties. They cease to appear open and receptive and become preoccupied with, and trappen in very limited unintegrated views of the world. Their world appears to the as “given” and obvious. Some of this potential can be reclaimed through meditation and shadow work. It is rare to find someone whose has many “cognitive stem cells” left to explore a world of ever emerging new potential. This is also related to the over domination of the left hemisphere over the right. The left hemisphere likes to narrow things down and routinized things to what it already knows. The right hemisphere is more open to what’s possible and what is yet unknown.

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