The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Saturday, July 4, 2020

TRANSCENDING but INCLUDING what was good from the past

The founding fathers wanted our country to evolve because they were themselves evolving. We don't teach our children how to personally evolve and grow. Evolution is happening in spite of our broken schools and parenting.  A simple truth, that is being ignored is: if social structures are not continually updated, TRANSCENDING but INCLUDING what was good from the past, they eventually breakdown and regress. The more people cling to ALL the past without updating and transcending the past, (and spitting out that which can be replaced by something more conscious) the more they can devolve and regress. They become incapable of synthesizing polarities and become unipolar in their thinking. For them, Yin has to WIN over Yang. We have "Polarities" and "Ladders" in life.  ALL aspects of life are based on homeostasis between polarities. AND the climbing of "ladders" from less sophistication and awareness to MORE sophistication, awareness, and transcendence. The founding fathers sensed this but couldn't quite articulate it. The LAST thing they wanted was for the constitution and political parties to become dogmatized rigidified RELIGIONS. Because the right is more "amygdala based", it has become MORE entrenched in its own fears by feeding itself unipolar, fearful biased information in a continual positive feedback loop and then protecting itself against new beliefs and perspectives that threaten the security that many of the old outdated beliefs give them. The less fearful right of the 1950s, although antiquated in many ways, would not recognize the more paranoid right of today.

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