The Four Quadrants

The  Four Quadrants
The Four Quadrants

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Two Truths: Core and Non-Dual

It is important to feel the pressure from the reservoir of one's emotional pain and to not block this. This is the organism reminding you to attend to your old wounds and unfinished business. Many can't feel this pressure and hence it is easy to deny it. Many live their lives covering it up. No one is without this primal pressure to my knowledge. There are always pockets of unfinished pain even for those who have done many years of deep emotional work. This aspect of “shadow” can never be bypassed.

The beautiful thing is that if you learn to hang out with this pressure, or “nestle up” against it for a long period of time, it will begin to tell its story and allow you to feel through it and discharge the tears, anger, fear, disgust and/or pain it contains, layer by layer. So few people have found out how to do this directly and efficiently, yet I believe it is the most important tool for emotional healing there is. People will try any technique before being willing to just directly hang out with, and learn to process their pain for an hour. The unconscious just lies waiting for us to do this, often for decades. It is easier to climb Mount Everest, than to make this processing a life practice. This natural ability could be called the “Core Truth Process” because it comes from one's core of emotion and being.

This core truth process is absolutely compatible and completely balances with the mindful practice of remaining in and coming from the ever-present non-dual. The dwelling in the non-dual could be called the “Non-dual Truth Process”. Consciously putting together the two truth processes of “Core Truth” of the individual organism and “Non-dual Truth” of the “extended universal organism” is optimal for total organismic health; it reinstates self-regulation. Both are absolutely fundamental and necessary when being moved by one's fundamental evolutionary impulses and are expressions of our true and authentic nature.

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